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Carpet cleaning services Bristol

Title: Carpet cleaning services Bristol
Description: Our specialists are fully trained to the highest industry standard and equipped with the most effective up to date detergents and equipment. Our solutions are child and pet safe, and friendly to the environment too. We have a wide range of solutions available- our carpet cleaning services are available for wide range of carpets and a wide range of problems. Our carpet cleaning services always include a full pre-inspection of the carpets, to determine the best method and solution for your carpet cleaning needs. Hot water extraction – also called steam cleaning. This method is the most common used for our carpet cleaning services. It involves using heated water and detergents on the carpets. At the same time, it vacuums and extracts the water along with any dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved by the detergents. This carpet cleaning service is the most widely used and recommend for a range of carpet types. Dry treatment – This method involves placing biodegradable cleaning products evenly over your carpet and then brushing this deep into the fibres. The product breaks down dirt and is then removed using a powerful vacuum leaving the carpet clean and dry.

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